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Twitter will surpass Google in the near future

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Twitter will surpass Google in the near future

Post by myspace01 on Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:26 am

Twitter continues to grow rapidly and they develop instant video system which can be posted directly on the timeline, do not need to go through youtube again. This would be a serious threat to Google, and if twitter continue developing their video system, it would be possible twitter will take over youtube.

google should immediately respond to this, because after a tough competition from facebook and apple, twitter also will give a very crushing blow. I know that google is filled with people who are very talented in the field of technology and they also must have a very high creativity. They (google) must act fast. Robot technology is indeed very prestigious, however simple technology for everyday life such as communication and socializing is very important, and this is what causes the users to go to facebook and twitter.

until now youtube still dominates, however I can see twitter with their video content, can exceed youtube in 5 years, and it happens if google does not consider this a serious matter. So, google, robot technology is cool, but do not close your eye on social media and communication.


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